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NBC REVEALS: Swing State Polls Leave Biden ‘Anxious’ and ‘Angry’

by Richard A Reagan

In the corridors of power in Washington, President Joe Biden is reported to be experiencing a mix of anger and anxiety concerning his prospects for reelection. [Source]

Sources close to the President have shed light on his private reactions and the broader Democratic strategy as they prepare to face the electorate once more.

In a notably tense moment, during a private meeting at the White House in January, President Biden was informed that his approval ratings in key battleground states Michigan and Georgia had suffered due to his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

The President, who narrowly clinched these states in the previous election, reportedly responded with vocal frustration, a clear indication of the high stakes involved. “He began to shout and swear,” according to a lawmaker familiar with the meeting.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates offered a defense of the President’s priorities, stating, “President Biden makes national security decisions based on the country’s national security needs alone — no other factor.”

The Democratic Party is facing a growing sense of urgency as it watches the 2024 campaign unfold.

Biden, who has secured the Democratic nomination, is still strategizing on how best to communicate his policy achievements to voters, achievements he believes set him apart from past presidents but have not fully resonated with the electorate.

Biden’s current approval rating stands at 38%, a figure lower than the last three presidents who failed to secure re-election at similar points in their presidencies. [Source]

Biden has expressed frustration at the perceived lack of appreciation from the public, prompting him to instruct his speechwriters to “tone down some of the lofty rhetoric” in favor of a more straightforward presentation of his achievements.

As the election draws nearer, Biden appears eager to break free from the cautious approach advised by his aides, aiming to engage more directly with voters and sharpen the contrast with his presumed opponent, Donald Trump.

According to a Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll, Biden is trailing Trump by an average of five points across seven pivotal swing states—North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. 

Age concerns have notably emerged as a significant factor, with 82% of voters in these states expressing that Biden, 81, or both candidates are too old for the presidency, in stark contrast to 47% who expressed similar concerns about Trump, 77. [Source]

The sentiment is particularly pronounced among Biden’s own supporters and key demographic groups, including Black voters, young voters, and women, with 70% of those planning to vote for Biden acknowledging concerns about his age.

Biden’s campaign has initiated efforts to reframe the narrative around his age, portraying it as a testament to his extensive experience in federal governance. Biden has used humor to address his own age and recently shared results from his annual physical, which described him as a “healthy, active, robust 81-year-old,” according to White House physician Kevin O’Connor. [Source]

However, special counsel Rober Hur’s report on Biden paints a different picture.

In the report, Hur notably commented on the president’s “deteriorating cognitive condition,” emphasizing moments where Biden seemingly had difficulty remembering key personal and political events.

Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), revealed the frustration and urgency within Democratic ranks, stressing the need for Biden to fulfill his promise to defeat Trump: “So, he goddamn well better do it. We don’t have time for him to be worried about whether or not people are saying things right or the poll numbers are where they should be. I want focused energy and not defensive anger.”

This story continues to evolve as both Biden and his Republican challengers prepare for what promises to be a fiercely contested race to the White House.

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