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Public Health Experts Discover New Cure for Coronavirus

by Richard A Reagan

After months of lockdowns, over 40 million Americans out of work, and people going stir crazy not knowing how to make good use of their time, the US was primed for an explosion. The protests resulting from the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis certainly have been explosive, in more ways than one. The amount of looting, arson, and violence is on a level that hasn’t been seen in years. But it appears that the riots have done something no one thought they could do: cure people of coronavirus.

Yes, you remember seeing the photos of people just a week ago gathering in public areas, water parks, and beer gardens to welcome the Memorial Day holiday and the warming weather. And you heard public health authorities wringing their hands about how these people weren’t social distancing, they weren’t wearing masks, and they were putting themselves at risk of contracting COVID-19. But as soon as these riots started in Minneapolis and other cities around the country, the hand wringing stopped.

If you’ve watched videos of the riots and looting, you’ll notice that not all of the looters are wearing masks. They’re not social distancing either, and in many cases they’re even engaging in physical altercations, something that is likely to lead to airborne droplets and bodily fluids such as sweat, saliva, and blood. Yet miraculously, public health experts have found nothing to condemn in such actions. It must be that rioting, looting, and beating innocent people is actually a cure for COVID-19.

Even Dr. Fauci, whose 15 minutes of fame aren’t quite up yet, hasn’t come out and condemned the rioters. If Dr. “Let’s shut down all schools and sports for the rest of the year” doesn’t have a problem with the rioting, then it must be okay. So let’s all give three cheers to these rioters, who have done a better job than anyone else has at pointing out the complete idiocy of the government response to COVID-19, not to mention the hypocrisy of public health officials.

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