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Should the Government Provide Healthcare to Everyone?

by Jeremy Holcombe

Americans are divided on whether or not the government should automatically provide healthcare to everyone. The issue has always been debatable, but with the implementation of Obamacare, the arguments for both sides have grown even stronger.

Right now Topix.com has a great poll that allows people to not only vote on this topic, but allows for them to post comments as well. It is a great way to get your voice heard and to interact with others, no matter what side of the issue you stand on. Click on the link above to go vote and post comments.

There are some very passionate comments posted, as detailed by a couple of samples below. This issue is far from settled, and will probably remain a hot topic of conversation for quite a while.

Marian James states:

“Yes, it should.”

“Government-provided healthcare actually results in better outcomes for public health. The US is 37th in the world on health outcomes like life expectancy and infant morality, right between Costa Rica and Slovenia. The 36 countries with better health outcomes than the US mostly have public healthcare systems, which guarantee healthcare access for everyone who needs it.

There are many successful models we could borrow from other countries. See Wikipedia.

A Barton Hinkle states:

“No, it shouldn’t.”

“Not when the vast majority of Americans need no help obtaining such access. While even Friedrich Hayek supported a limited welfare state to provide the necessities of life to the indigent, there is no more need for a system of national health care than there is for a system of national food care. Indeed, many of the problems afflicting health care in the US are the result of market-distorting government interventions going back to WWII, and today’s ‘reforms’ will only make the problems worse.”

Head on over to the voter’s area for this topic and vote and make  a statement. See where everyone else stands on this important issue.

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