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Survival Skills That Can Potentially Save Your Life

by Bruce Haring

One of man’s basic instincts is fighting for survival and you could do yourself a world of good by learning a few skills that can help you survive in different situations. Here are a few tricky situations you can learn to get out of with the least possible trouble.

Escaping Quicksand

Quicksand is just sand saturated with water. The phenomenon is particularly dangerous because the sand at some point gets so saturated that it collapses under its own weight. Livestock which has the misfortune of falling into this type of sludge can get sucked into it.

Getting stuck in quicksand does not mean you are doomed. Since your body is not as dense as the sand, the sand will not be able to engulf you completely. You can save yourself if you remain calm and haul up each leg carefully to the surface and assume a horizontal floating position either on your back or on your stomach. This way you will be able to wriggle your way onto firm or firmer ground.

Start a Fire Using Natural Material

If you are stranded in the wilderness you will want to start a fire. Your only source is possibly natural materials since you may not be well prepared. Native Americans made great use of natural materials and so can you. They used to get a fire going by bow drills in no time. To do this you will need a socket, bow, spindle, and fireboard.

Some of the best types of fireboard and spindle sets can be made from aspen, cypress, cedar, and juniper. The socket can be made of stone or wood and is used to put pressure on the spindle as it rotates with the bow. Wood that contains sap and oil is ideal since it creates a lubricant to keep the spindle moving in the socket.

To make the bow use a piece of wood that is flexible and has a slight curve. You can use shoelace or rope as bowstring. Next, is to prepare the fireboard by cutting a notch in a v-shape and creating a depression in the fireboard.

Place the tinder under the notch. Secure the spindle in a loop of the bowstring and place one end in the fireboard. At the same time use the socket to apply pressure on the other hand. With the help of the bow begin to saw back and forth, creating a mechanical drill. The spindle will soon start rotating rapidly. Continue to saw until you create ember which can be dropped into the tinder nest. Gently blowing on it will create a fire.

How to Find Water in an Arid Desert

If you lose your way in arid desert you will only be able to survive for a few days without water. However, you will find water if you know where to search for it. So if you are lost in a desert, look for damp sand and green vegetation.

Usually you will be able to find water near them. There might be an underground spring in the area so you may have dig to get to the source of water. Fissures in large rocks hold fresh water and basins facing north often have un-evaporated water. Birds and small animals usually lurk around water holes and you can follow them to replenish your water reserves.

How to Save Yourself from a Bear Attack

Wild bears are aggressive animals especially when they are out looking for food or are somehow startled. If you are camping in a bear habitat keep your food in an elevated place at least 12 feet off the ground and keep the food at least 200 feet away from the camp site (200 feet may not be practical but you get the point). When you encounter a blind corner try to create a loud noise, clap or sing. You can use bear pepper spray. To repel an attack you can play dead. Cover your head and neck with your hand and lie on your stomach.

How to Save Yourself when Driving During a Twister

The best way to protect yourself from a tornado is to avoid travelling when there is a warning. You must stay as far as possible from a twister. If you are at home remove yourself from rooms that have too many glass windows.

Flying glass behaves like flying shrapnel and can cause severe wounds or even be fatal. Move to a room in the basement that does not have windows and wait there until the storm passes over. Keep some reserves handy such as dry food, water, torches, spare batteries, certain tools that can come handy if you are trapped inside. You can use a bike helmet to protect your head.

If you are travelling during a tornado park your car at a truck stop and take shelter in an underground parking, restaurant, or convenience store. Many areas located in tornado prone districts have storm shelters nearby. Being inside a car is not ideal since a tornado can reach 300 mph of wind speed but it is better than being exposed to the tornado without any cover at all.





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