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Surviving Means Creativity as Well as Prepping

by Robert Wayne

When preparing for a crisis, our focus very often is set on acquiring the “right” set of goods for each purpose. We buy guns and ammo for protection or hunting, start storing water and food to keep us alive, and accumulate tools to serve the various needs we think we’ll have. But for many of us, we fail to appreciate the fact that many of the household goods we already have on hand have survival uses too.

We also often fail to see that many things we see as single-use items also have multiple uses. And with a little creativity, we can repurpose many household goods to serve as survival tools.

You probably don’t give dental floss a second thought, but you can use it for a lot. You can tie bags closed, use it to lash together branches to make a lean-to, or in a pinch use it as a garrote. Superglue can be used to close wounds. And old T-shirts can be cut up to use as rags, or to help filter out solids when purifying water.

When it comes to figuring out uses for your normal household items, you’re only limited by your imagination. And sometimes it can help to see what other people use their household items for.

The folks over at Ask A Prepper have come up with 50 creative ways to repurpose common household items for survival use. Take a look at some of the neat things they’ve come up with. And who knows, maybe looking at their list will help you come up with some new uses for things that you have lying around the house.

In a survival situation in which you can’t just run down to the store to get what you need, ingenuity and creativity will be crucial to staying alive. Start thinking today about what you have at home and how it can be used to help you in a survival situation.

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