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The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry Post-Obamacare

by Jeremy Holcombe

The healthcare market is changing rapidly, and 2014 will bring on the biggest changes that the system has faced in many years. With our healthcare industry already struggling to adapt to Obamacare, what are some of the biggest challenges we will face in 2014?

On HealthCareFinanceNews.com, Huron Healthcare Consulting says that healthcare executives will need to improve their performance by evaluating every key operational, clinical, and governance function. They also need a strong vision for the future, the ability to act on it, and the leadership to bring stakeholders along with them.

While the market is heading toward value-based purchasing, as long as there is substantial fee-for-service reimbursement, “the CEO dilemma is how to prepare for the future while not creating an adverse financial situation in the short term,” said Andrew Ziskind, MD, managing director of Huron.

Here are the biggest challenges that healthcare executives are faced with this year:

  • Pacing the shift to value-based models.
  • Responding effectively to the economic dynamics of local markets.
  • Securing and growing market share.
  • Developing alternative revenue streams.
  • Containing core operating costs.

So, as we can see, the healthcare system will be faced with not only the usual yearly challenges, but also all the new challenges that come with trying to figure out how to operate properly under the new health care law from President Obama, which is already facing many other issues.

Ziskind added that these pressures won’t subside while the “gap between current cost and quality and where everyone needs to get to is still significant.”

“But fundamentally changing the way care is delivered with the right providers at the right place at the right time, reducing unnecessary services and focusing on value – that’s where the next wave of benefit is going to occur.”

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