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The Best Beaches in Florida

by Jeremy Holcombe

Florida is a great travel destination for many reasons. Disney World is located in Orlando, there are tons of shopping and activities, great golf, and much, much more. Perhaps the best reason to travel to Florida is to enjoy the fun in the sun you can experience at any number of the Sunshine State’s great beaches.

There are dozens of beaches in Florida, and it may be hard to narrow it down as far as what beaches you may enjoy the most.

USA Today has released their list of the best beaches in Florida — the best Gulf  Beaches and the best Atlantic Beaches. The beaches have been linked to reviews and more details. If you are thinking of heading to Florida to hit the beach, then hopefully this list will get you to the exact beach you want to go to.

Best Florida Beaches

Gulf Coast Florida Beaches

Atlantic Florida Beaches

Sources: USA Today | TripAdvisor.com

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