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The Biden Corruption Case Gets More Interesting

by Richard A Reagan

Lost in the impeachment drama in Washington is the underlying reason for the impeachment proceedings. President Trump is being accused of attempting a quid pro quo to get dirt on a possible opponent in next year’s Presidential election, Joe Biden. In particular, Trump is being accused of trying to start an investigation of Biden’s son, Hunter, and his dealings in Ukraine.

Of course, lost in all this is the reason for Trump wanting this in the first place, which is that the famously loose-lipped Uncle Joe bragged earlier this year about getting Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired from his position, using the threat of holding up foreign aid to Ukraine to do so. In other words, Biden bragged about being successful at doing something that Trump is now being accused of doing, yet Trump is now the target of impeachment proceedings while Biden is ignored.

And what was the Ukrainian prosecutor doing that raised Biden’s ire? Why, he was looking into corruption surrounding Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which hired Biden’s son Hunter as a director for the cushy salary of $600,000 a year. Burisma was responsible for pocketing about $1.8 billion of a $3 billion aid package to Ukraine. Where that money went, no one knows.

Adding to the drama is the fact that not only was Hunter Biden paid by Burisma, but Joe Biden apparently was as well. A Ukrainian MP made the stunning allegation that $900,000 from Burisma was funneled through a lobbying company to pay Joe Biden for his lobbying efforts on the company’s behalf. That’s a stunning allegation and one that, if it turns out to be true, could have huge ramifications for the impeachment proceedings, for the 2020 Presidential election, and for US politics.

The swamp is alive and well, and every new tidbit that comes out about the Bidens’ involvement in Ukraine demonstrates that US officials are no different than corrupt oligarchs in other countries. They’re just looking to line their own pockets, and they need to be rooted out and stopped.

The swamp doesn’t like the fact that President Trump is looking into that corruption, preferring that the status quo remain untouched. That’s the real reason for the impeachment proceedings, which we have to hope won’t be successful in ousting a President who has shone more sunlight on Washington’s corruption than any President before.

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