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The Top 5 Travel Destinations for Retirees

by Jeremy Holcombe

Travel is at the very top of nearly every retiree’s list of what to do when they retire. That isn’t surprising, as travel is something many people don’t get to do much of during the years they spend on their careers. By the time you retire, your travel experiences may have been limited to family vacations to noisy, overpriced theme parks staffed with giant talking mice.

There are many amazing travel destinations to look forward to visiting when you retire. Feel like you need some help narrowing them down? Take a look at the top five travel destinations for retirees, and see if any of these excite you.


Looking for an island paradise that offers a little of everything for everyone? Hawaii is a dream destination for most, and visiting the islands after you retire is a perfect way to experience it. With plenty of scenery, sun, sand, and great shopping, Hawaii makes the top of this list simply because it is the destination most people dream about when they imagine being able to visit a tropical island paradise.


Want to visit old-world Italy? There is no time like the present. Italy is defined by its art and architecture. Some of the very best sites you will ever see are in Italy — Pompeii, the Piazza del Campo, the Coliseum, the Venetian Canals. Italy has so much culture that you may be a bit overwhelmed, but it is a fantastic travel destination for someone who has just started their retirement.


The island destination of Greece is something magical. The Olympics were first played here; and while Greece has struggled financially over the last several years, it hasn’t stopped the tourist from coming in to experience all of the culture and ambiance that Greece has to offer. Greece makes it on to this list for being peaceful and serene, something most every traveler will enjoy.

The Florida Keys

That’s right, we’re jumping back to the United States for this one. Head south down to the Florida Keys, and you will find some of the most breathtaking sites in America. You will be able to enjoy fine dining, great shopping, scuba diving, and some of the most friendly people around. The Florida Keys is a “must visit” for every retiree.


While Paris may be on the top of most lists when it comes to romance, many who have been to Spain will argue that it is actually a more romantic destination. Spain should be near the top of your list of travel destinations, especially if you plan on taking trips with your significant other.

There are hundreds of destinations to visit after you retire. Make sure you try a few of the ones above. From there the sky is the limit. Enjoy your retirement, and enjoy your travels to the fullest extent, by visiting some of the best travel destinations for retirees.

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