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Is the “Tiny House” Perfect for You?

by Richard A Reagan

They say that the key to happiness is simplicity.Getting bogged down with too many possessions or too complicated a life will only make you miserable. To be truly content, you need to get down to the bare necessities. Whether or not this holds true for everyone remains to be seen, but it’s the basis of the tiny house movement, and many people swear by it.

Whether it’s an RV, mobile home, or an actual residence, the concept of the tiny house is one of minimalism. Your living quarters only have enough room for you to rest your head, prepare food, shower and store the most basic of necessities.

Which is not to say that it’s cramped. You have the entire outdoors in which to roam free. Is the tiny house movement perfect for you? Check out a few of the benefits and considerations, then decide for yourself.

Benefits of a Tiny House

  1. It’s Less Expensive. Since it’s smaller, a tiny house will obviously cost less to purchase than something with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. But the price of the home itself is only one way you save. Insurance, taxes and utilities are all much cheaper as well. If you’re living in an RV, then you’ll need to factor in the price of fuel as you travel, but even so, it’s still likely to average out to far less than a full-sized home. Most importantly, owning one will put you into much less debt. If you’re retired and living on a fixed income, this can be a great way of saving money by simplifying your lifestyle.
  1. It’s Easier to Maintain. How long do you spend cleaning your kitchen or bathroom? Scrubbing, mopping, dusting sweeping and vacuuming are painstaking, time-consuming chores, and by the time you’re done everything seems to have gotten dirty again. But keeping a tiny house clean and neat takes far less time and effort, freeing you up for more rewarding pursuits.
  1. It Keeps You from Accumulating Too Much Stuff. Do you find yourself spending money you don’t have on possessions you don’t need? The call of a good sale is too much for many of us to resist, and the price of an item is often more important than whether or not we’ll ever use it. This mentality is neither healthy nor rewarding in the long term. And a tiny house can help rid you of it. There’s less temptation to acquire new things unless you absolutely need them, since there’s literally no place to put anything extraneous.
  1. It Can Free Your Mind. With less debt and expenses and fewer possessions, you have much less to worry about in your life. It can lift a tremendous burden from your shoulders, allowing you to breathe and think freely, possibly for the first time in years. If you have an RV or mobile home, you also have the built-in opportunity to travel anywhere you want, at any time, as long as the road can take you there. What’s the dream vacation you’ve always planned but never had the time or resources to go on? When everything you own can come with you, that trip can finally be within your grasp.

These are just a few of the benefits to simplifying your life and moving into a tiny house. Of course, the lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If you’re claustrophobic or dependent upon a lot of possessions, then it probably won’t work for you.

There are a number of other factors to consider as well, such as zoning, location, utilities and more. Will you be nearby things like grocery stores, restaurants, and other hallmarks of civilization, or will you put your tiny house deep in the woods, away from everyone? Will you have Wi-Fi? What’s your main goal of moving into a smaller space, and how will that help you to achieve it?

If you’re thinking about moving into a tiny house, it’s recommended that you try one out on a temporary basis first, just to see if the lifestyle suits you. If you find you like it, then definitely consider buying one of your own and making the living situation permanent. It may not be for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it; it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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