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99% of pharmacists have reported drug shortages in 2023: MAJOR Drug Shortages in 2024!?

by Richard A Reagan

Here’s The Disturbing Truth You’re Not Being Told

Have you noticed? Across the country, more people are discovering their once routine drug prescriptions are becoming increasingly difficult to fill.

Unfortunately, the ongoing drug shortage doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon.

This medication shortage isn’t entirely a new thing, though. In fact, Americans have been dealing with drug shortages in some form for nearly two decades now.

But according to data released by the University of Utah Pharmacy Information Service, nationwide drug shortages have reached a 10-year high in the first quarter of 2023. Not surprisingly, this has led to a severe lack of medication among hospitals, healthcare practitioners and pharmacies.

So what’s really going on? You may not like this:

A survey released by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) revealed a third of the pharmacists surveyed said the severe shortages led to their rationing medicine or even postponing or canceling medical treatments.

As recently as December of 2023 the FDA listed 125 drugs in short supply in the U.S.

But things could get even worse.

Because thanks to worsening supply chain issues ever since the pandemic began, we’ve seen greater and greater shortages… to the point now that it’s beginning to be both a problem of life and death, on top of obvious safety issues.

And this could open the door to even bigger national security issues.

Who’s to Blame? This may shock you…

A big reason for this is the fact that we’ve become dependent upon other countries for our pharmaceutical manufacturing, most notably China and India.

When we think of America’s dependence on foreign manufacturing, what comes to mind is electronics, trinkets, and cheap tools.

But the fact is, we’ve outsourced our pharmaceutical production as well. And if you were surprised that the country that produces most of our drugs is China, you’re not alone. 

Millions of Americans have no idea that China produces the majority of life saving medicines we use in American hospitals and pharmacies.

The question is, though, why do we outsource something as important as drug manufacturing to a country we seemingly trust so little?

Trump may have the answer.

The dependence on foreign production of U.S. pharmaceuticals is an issue that President Trump identified and attempted to address during his term. 

But of course, it was eventually shot down by certain “power players” in congress with another agenda… and likely with their pockets lined by the same Chinese corporations.

So now the question remains: can Trump save our healthcare?

Only you can decide. It’s your duty to vote as a citizen of these United States of America. Be a patriot and make the right choice. 

The lives of all those who depend on these medicines are in your hands.

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