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A Plea for Normality at Christmastime

by Robert Wayne

As Americans ready themselves for Christmas this year, it will a Christmas unlike any other they have known. While many Americans will ignore government hectoring as much as they can, many millions will eschew going to church, seeing friends and family, or engaging in any of the traditions they know and love.

All of this is being done in the name of public health, to combat a virus whose survival rate is about 99.9%. The same people who have tried to lecture us to eat all of our steaks well done, to use antibacterial soaps, or to refrain from doing anything they deem “unhealthy,” are the same people who now control the levers of power and have prompted ignorant and unthinking politicians into ordering their wishes into law.

We’re at the mercy of germophobes, and we’re suffering as a result of it. Our children are being denied the vital socialization they need to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults, and many of them aren’t getting the type of teaching through online classes that they need to learn well. Young adults are seeing their job prospects evaporate, their dating opportunities eliminated, and even their weddings endlessly postponed as COVID panic remains rampant in our society.

And our elderly are suffering the most, with those in nursing homes the hardest hit, sometimes even the victims of government policies that seem intended to kill them. They can’t see their family members, and if they get hospitalized for any reason, they risk dying completely alone, without the love and comfort of their families.

Fear of COVID has turned us into a society of seeming COVID lepers. Many of us have experienced that COVID-phobia first hand. Try to do a good deed by holding the door open for someone, and you may see the abject fear in their eyes as they view you as a potential breeding ground for a deadly disease. Too many people view their fellow human beings as disease vectors rather than as people, and that has to change.

So this Christmastime, let’s vow to return to normal. Never again will we allow ourselves to be browbeaten into submission by cries of “flatten the curve,” “two more weeks,” or “listen to the science.” Never again will we allow Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays to be “canceled” by the hypocritical government scrooges who enjoy manipulating our lives. And never again will we allow small businesses and workers to suffer the destruction of their livelihoods in the name of keeping us “safe.”

Enough of the hysteria over COVID. It’s time to return to normal before we forget what normal looked like, and risk falling victim to the creeping tyranny that threatens to subjugate us.

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