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Activist Judges Demonstrating Bias From the Bench

by Anthony Buckley

One of the key points of a criminal trial is that a judge is supposed to be an impartial decider. The judge isn’t supposed to side with or sympathize with either the prosecution or the defense. And whenever anything is in doubt, the judge should ideally side with the defense, to ensure that justice is done. After all, it’s better that ten guilty men go free than that one innocent man is wrongly punished.

But in the case of those involved in the January 6th protests at the US Capitol Building, judges are increasingly showing their partisan colors. One federal judge in particular has been going beyond what prosecutors have called for, assigning prison terms to non-violent protesters even when prosecutors didn’t want them.

Her justification? “There have to be consequences for participating in an attempted violent overthrow of the government,” even though no one was attempting to overthrow the government, and the people she sentenced were convicted of misdemeanor offenses such as unlawful parading.

It’s yet another example of how those who serve the state see themselves as akin to gods, and see any criticism of the government’s actions as an existential threat to their hold on power. And it’s an example of the fact that judges in federal cases can’t be relied upon to be impartial.

This judge obviously has her own pre-conceived notions of what happened on January 6th, most likely informed by the leftist slant we see in the mainstream media that painted a protest by those seeking to petition the government for a redress of grievances as some sort of insurrection. And as a result, innocent people are being made to suffer.

This should serve as a reminder that the federal government is not our friend, and that it is peopled by those who hate us and want to find any excuse possible to make our lives miserable. Whoever the next Republican President is needs to do what President Trump couldn’t do and clear out the swamp, otherwise this country will continue slouching toward tyranny.

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