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American Gun Owners Are the Last Line of Defense

by Anthony Buckley

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. These are some of the most powerful words ever put to paper, and could very well be the only thing keeping human freedom alive during our day.

The last two years have made it more and more apparent that global elites have no regard for personal liberties. They’re only interested in serving their own interests, which don’t coincide with ours. But they’ll try to convince us that doing what they want us to do is somehow for the greater good.

We’ve seen proposals such as vaccine mandates and vaccine passports make it out of the discussion stage and into reality. We’ve seen ideas like the Great Reset gain traction. We’re told that we’re going to have to give up gasoline-powered cars, gas stoves, and eating meat in order to save the planet. And we have no say in any of this because our betters have already decided for us.

But there’s one last line of defense: American gun owners. As bad as governments around the world may be, and as bad as the US government may be, we still have our guns. And if government becomes more overbearing than we will accept, we always have the God-given right to overthrow the government and overturn its policies.

Countries around the world are cracking down on private gun ownership. New Zealand, Canada, Chile, and the European Union are among those trying to eliminate the right to bear arms. But we in the US have remained stubborn and hard-headed.

We understand that fewer guns in private hands will allow criminals to run rampant. We understand that government monopolies on gun ownership lead to tyranny. And we understand that if we give up our right to bear arms, we will no longer be a free people.

Global elites understand that too, which is why they’re putting increasing pressure on gun owners to give up their guns. US gun owners may very well be the last line of defense against the agenda of the global elites. There’s no way any of the totalitarian ideas being pushed by groups such as the World Economic Forum can make headway without the US being on board. And US gun owners represent the last and most effective line of resistance against that globalist agenda.

As you read increased news coverage of “mass shootings,” remember that this coverage is all part of a narrative geared toward pushing gun control. Remember that you as a gun owner are part of one of the greatest experiments in liberty ever conceived. And remember that if you make any concessions, you may not get a chance to win your rights back, at least not without bloodshed.

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