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Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Firebombed

by Anthony Buckley

If there’s one thing you can give the left credit for, it’s for putting their money where their mouth is. For all the tough talk conservatives make about standing up for our rights, we all too often capitulate in the face of resistance. But leftists talk the talk, which unfortunately normally isn’t a good thing.

Leftist pro-death group Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility for yet another firebombing of a crisis pregnancy center, this time in Buffalo. You would think that for as often as pro-lifers here the left decry the pro-life movement for not caring about mothers and babies, the left would acknowledge that a crisis pregnancy center is at least trying to do something good to help expectant mothers.

But the reality is that the pro-death left doesn’t actually care about mothers or their babies. They want to see as many babies sacrificed on the altar of abortion as possible, and they’ll do anything in their means to do so, even resorting to violence and intimidation.

The group was also responsible for throwing red paint on the door of a crisis pregnancy center in Washington, DC last week. If these types of incidents continue without police being able to identify and punish those responsible, it will eventually result in lives being lost.

That wouldn’t bother Jane’s Revenge one bit, however, as the people behind the movement seem to be the type of unhinged harpies who have no problem seeing their political enemies die. And that unfortunately seems to be a growing attitude among many on the left.

Like it or not, the political polarization in this country is growing worse and worse, and those on the left are prepared to use violence to get their way, especially if they can’t get their way through political means like they’re used to. We have to be prepared for this and put pressure on police and prosecutors to make sure that these criminals face the full consequences of their actions.

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