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Are American Immigrants Fleeing To Germany?

by Remso W. Martinez

It almost seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone, but Germany is apparently facing an influx of immigrants who aren’t displaced Muslims fleeing the war-torn Middle East. Instead, Americans are knocking at their gates for entry and they want in soon.

Germany has turned into the de facto progressive ideal paradise for many left-wing Americans in a post-Obama world. From the generous welfare states to progressive climate change stances, many Americans have continued to praise the progressiveness of Europe, if only just to spite a new President who has been adopting policies and deregulation that have helped boost economic growth in the United States that most progressives don’t care to acknowledge.

It seems American progressives and Chancellor Merkel’s Germany have much more in common than just shared globalist ideologies. Neither one cares to consider President Trump a “friend” in any situation it seems. In July of 2017, Reuters picked up a story which began to show the fast and deteriorating relationship between Trump and Merkel, in which Merkel dropped the term “friend” from any description regarding the relationship between the US and Germany.

What is oddly left out of any headline is any mention of the legions of progressive celebrities who vowed to leave the country if Trump was elected. It seems that of the nearly one-hundred Americans who have been applying for German citizenship monthly since Trump was elected President, none include the likes of Sarah Silverman or Amy Schumer. Either way, this “jump” in applicants isn’t quite the huge increase that some sources would like it to be. If anything, in terms of legal immigrants, Germany has been able to determine that their largest migrant group of legal applicants the last several years has been primarily made up of expatriates from the United Kingdom.

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