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Are New CDC Quarantine Policies Based on Science?

by Robert Wayne

If there’s anything we’ve heard repeated ad nauseam over the past two years, it’s that we have to “follow the science.” What that means isn’t actually that we’re supposed to think critically and engage in the scientific process. We’re really just supposed to take the word of self-proclaimed scientists as gospel and not question what we’re being force-fed.

Never has that been as apparent as it has been with the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) latest guidance on quarantining. At the beginning of the COVID crisis, we were told that anyone testing positive for COVID needed to quarantine for 14 days. Eventually that was reduced to 10 days. And now the CDC is recommending an isolation period of only 5 days.

What scientific data went into that determination? Well, the CDC decided that’s all that it could reasonably expect people to tolerate. And besides, with so many people testing positive for the omicron variant, despite being asymptomatic, forcing so many people to quarantine would have been disastrous for the economy. So pragmatism ultimately ruled the day. Would that such pragmatism had prevailed in March 2020.

Dr. Fauci even got into the fray, stating that CDC might shift its guidance once again and require asymptomatic COVID-positive individuals to test negative for COVID once they finished their five-day quarantine. CDC Director Walensky recommended the use of those tests too, despite the fact that CDC no longer requires them.

And the reason those tests aren’t required? Because they apparently can show positive results up to 12 weeks after exposure, well after you’re no longer contagious to others. And who wants to quarantine for 12 weeks just because of a stupid test?

If there’s anything positive to take from this whole fiasco it’s that the trust in “scientific” authorities has been reduced to nearly nothing. Most of us realize that the guidance we’re receiving from government agencies has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics.

The more these so-called scientists open their mouths and contradict themselves, the more people realize how full of it they actually are. Now we just have to hope that the American people are fed up enough with Fauci, Walensky, Biden & Co. that they’ll no longer acquiesce to every idiotic policy that emanates from Washington.

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