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Are We in Civil War Already?

by Robert Wayne

The first rule of winning a war is knowing that you’re in a war. And a growing number of conservatives are starting to realize that this country is in the opening stages of a civil war. The question is, are they realizing it too late to win?

The summer of 2020 gave us the first indications that this country was headed toward violent conflict. The huge amounts of violence that summer made a lot of Americans fear for their safety. And the treatment that left-wing rioters got in urban areas, with many receiving little more than slaps on the wrist, made many realize that justice isn’t blind in this country.

We’re seeing even more left-wing violence this year, as pro-death organizations are attacking pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in increasing numbers. They’re upset that the Supreme Court may rule to overturn Roe v. Wade, and like most childish leftists who scream and cry when they can’t get their way working within the system, they’re resorting to violence to get their way.

In the past few weeks, 23 pro-life organizations have been vandalized or firebombed around the country. It’s part of a pattern of intimidation that will likely only get worse once the full decision overturning Roe is published. And thus far no one has been arrested and no perpetrators have been punished.

For the left, it’s pretty sweet that they can do these types of things and get away with them. It encourages them to do even more and to engage in even more violent conduct. And if the pendulum doesn’t start swinging the other way, and if these offenses aren’t prosecuted, eventually conservatives are going to silence themselves in order not to face the wrath of an increasingly angry and violent woke mob.

Conservatives have to realize that we’re in the first stages of a civil war right now, and pretending like we’re not is only doing to lead to defeat. Winning means first of all acknowledging that this war is ongoing and then doing what it takes to take the fight to the left so that the right side ends up victorious.

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