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Biden’s Mouth Could Get the US in Trouble

by Robert Wayne

One of the consistent criticisms of President Biden is that he just doesn’t know when to stop talking. He’s liable to put his foot in his mouth at any time, with embarrassing results. Even Biden’s own staff are reported to cringe every time he tries to speak. But some of his recent comments aren’t just embarrassing, they’re dangerous, and they could get the US into a lot of trouble.

Biden recently stated that Putin was a dangerous man and that he couldn’t be allowed to remain in power. That was nothing more than a gift to Putin, an acknowledgment that the United States’ aims in Europe aren’t actually about defending NATO countries against aggression, but rather are an attempt to force regime change in Russia.

Everything that Russia has ever said about the US being the real aggressor, and about US moves in Eastern Europe being an attempt to encircle Russia were just legitimized by Biden’s comments. And the worst thing is, Biden himself doesn’t even realize his gaffe.

But that wasn’t enough. Biden went on later to talk about how US troops were training Ukrainian troops in Poland. Now, we all knew that US forces had trained Ukrainian troops prior to the war. But to acknowledge that it is still ongoing, and being done on the soil of Poland, a NATO ally, is inviting a response both against the US, for actively siding with a belligerent, and Poland, for hosting Ukrainian troops.

Yet again, Biden fails to see what the big deal is about his comments. He is completely clueless, locked away in his little bubble, coddled by his advisors, spoonfed answers to questions from reporters, and living in his own world. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he were to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at some point in the future. But until that happens, his comments are a volatile ticking time bomb, ready to go off at some inopportune time and risk escalating a geopolitical situation that is already tense and turning it into World War III.

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