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Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Turns the US Into the Soviet Union

by Anthony Buckley

President Biden unloaded a bombshell last week with his overreaching vaccine mandates. All healthcare workers in the US will now be required to be vaccinated against COVID or face termination. And all employees of companies with more than 100 employees will have to be vaccinated against COVID or provide weekly negative COVID tests. With that move, Biden is set to further overload the healthcare system and burden American businesses, turning an already strained economy into one which could collapse momentously.

The healthcare vaccine mandate is likely to exacerbate an already chronic shortage of nurses that is afflicting hospitals around the country. Numerous hospitals have seen nurses and other staff quit due to vaccine mandates, with remaining nurses being forced to pick up the slack. Those nurses are burning out and quitting, forcing hospitals to look for more nurses. But with a limited supply nationwide, that isn’t always feasible.

Forcing all nurses, doctors, and even cleaning staff to get vaccinated will only ensure that more walk off the job. It will reduce the quality of care for patients and only make the COVID crisis worse. Remember, this crisis isn’t so much a crisis caused by a deadly disease as it is a crisis caused by hospital administrative mismanagement that puts maximizing profits before top quality healthcare. Now we’ll see just how badly hospitals will be run with fewer nurses to care for patients.

Private companies will face difficulty now too, as the requirement for employees to get vaccinated will result in many retiring or quitting. With many industries already facing labor shortages, parts and material shortages, and supply chain bottlenecks, this new mandate could wreak havoc on US industry.

Aside from the effects on industry, the idea that a President could dictate to private companies what they can and cannot do is utterly tyrannical and not in keeping with the principles upon which our country was founded. It just underscores that while our government has retained the external structures of the republic, in reality its core is as communist as any other government. And unfortunately, American corporations are only too willing to go along with evil government dictates, internalizing their oppression just as many in the Soviet Union did.

But Biden doesn’t care. In fact, it almost seems as though he wants to ruin the economy through these boneheaded mandates. It’s hard to see what exactly he thinks he’s going to accomplish by forcing a vaccine that we all know is leaky and ineffective. If anything, he’s digging a hole for himself and for Democrats in the next round of elections.

The only question is, will Biden push so far in his tyrannical actions that the result of the elections will be moot? It’s up to conservatives now to oppose the President tooth and nail, otherwise there will be nothing in this nation left worth conserving.

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