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Climate Scientists Admit Models Were Wrong

by Robert Wayne

For years, even decades, we have been bombarded with fear-mongering propaganda about global warming, err… climate change. The buzzwords may change from time to time, but the message remains the same: unless governments spend lots of money to reduce our standard of living, the world will come to an end within a few years.

Not surprisingly to those of us based in reality, none of those dire predictions have ever come to pass. And the predictions being made today aren’t going to come to pass either. And now the scientists who have been making these dire predictions are finally coming to grips with the fact that they’ve been wrong, dead wrong.

Part of the problem with climate change hysteria is that climate scientists aren’t able to predict the future. And because of that, they do what people in other disciplines do, they create models. These models are supposed to accurately represent how climate works. But the fact is that there is still so much that is unknown about basic climate and weather functions that even a supercomputer is incapable of modeling everything. So, like many models, garbage in, garbage out. And now these scientists are finally realizing that their models are wrong.

Rather than learning the lesson that you can never hope to fully model the world around us, scientists have redoubled their efforts to make better and more accurate models. They haven’t learned from the failures of the old models that, while some models can be useful, all models are wrong.

As a result, don’t expect these scientists to admit that they’re wrong, or to second guess any predictions they make in the future. They’re so locked into their careers and so certain that they’ll be able to create a 100% accurate model as long as they have enough time and resources that they’ll never be dissuaded that they’re on a fool’s errand.

Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to live with the horrible policy prescriptions that emanate from the politicians who run with the climate change hysteria, buoyed by the message presented to them by these wrong models. Let’s get the word out there to anyone on the fence about climate change and anyone skeptical of the science that these models not only were wrong, but are now acknowledged to be wrong. The more people who wake up to the climate change scam the government is trying to perpetrate on us, the harder it will be to force us to knuckle under.

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