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Commit to Action and Embrace Change

by Eric Lumpkins

If you want to live the life of your dreams and to grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be, you must take action and embrace change. Quite often, people dwell on regrets and missed opportunities in the past, and they imagine that if they could go back and change one, maybe two things, that life would be immensely better in the present.

Yet these same people (we all do this) fail to see that in each present moment there exists enormous potential to take small actions that would result in huge positive change in the future. The future is created in the choices and actions of today.

Dedication to Daily Action

Action can take many forms and depends on the dreams and passions of each person. But regardless of the specific aspiration or dream, certain types of action MUST be taken. Personal growth, transformation, learning new skills, becoming more valuable, creating value, building the lifestyle of your dreams, creating your reality, changing your habits, and fundamentally changing who you are as a person all begins with and requires a religious dedication to daily action and practicing daily habits.

If you want stop being 50 pounds overweight, you must improve and change your diet. If you want to build muscle and correct your crappy posture, you must begin purposeful and proper weightlifting. If you want to become a highly persuasive salesperson, you’re gonna have to invest in your skills and put in some work. If you want to be extremely wealthy, whatever that means, you’re going to have to commit to taking action.

Embrace Change

For many, change is a scary prospect. People want to stay the same out of familiarity and comfort. Often times, those around us, our friends and family, unconsciously want to hold us back, because they feel insecure at seeing others move forward while they stay put. And it likely that we do the same to others who attempt to transform themselves.

But if you are unhappy with where you’re at or with who you are, if you dream of a better future, if you crave fulfillment, wealth, and happiness then you must embrace change. Embrace being uncomfortable, embrace being afraid, and embrace taking action anyway. You have nothing to lose.

To become a better person, to improve yourself and your surroundings inherently involves change. Through daily action, massive change is inevitable.

It will be uncomfortable and you will feel lots of fear. Your brain will vehemently try to trick you into avoiding action and avoiding change. Fear and resistance are signs that you are on the verge of growth.

Embrace change and take action in the face of fear. Commit yourself to taking daily action, while also openly and freely allowing yourself to change, transform, and evolve into the best version of yourself.

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