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Complaining and Negativity

by Eric Lumpkins

People are naturally attracted to those who are vibrant and overflowing with positive energy. People enjoy being around those who are grateful, who can see the good and the opportunities in life, and who inspire us to be better. People who are constantly complaining are no fun to be around and it’s no way to live.

Thriving Versus Coping – Scarcity Versus Abundance

Many people are addicted to negativity. They think it’s cool to complain about things and to never be appreciative of how things are. Those who are compulsive complainers and negative Nancies are that way likely because that’s their way of feeling sorry for themselves and rationalizing their lack of happiness and success.

When you get out of that “poor little me” thinking, you open up your awareness, enabling it to realize the things in your life that are awesome and the opportunities that are right in front of you that you were unable to see.

When you stop obsessing over how bad things are for you and stop hyperfocusing on yourself, you are then able to realize the truth about the world, your life, and reality. You are able to see that life is actually good, many have it worse than you, and you become motivated to do good things for others and to make others feel good. That is abundance, that is thriving.

The Consequences of Negativity

Being perpetually negative will not have many good outcomes. The most damaging aspect of compulsive negativity is that you are literally rewiring your brain to naturally be negative and to see the world through a lens of scarcity and coping. You are ingraining in yourself a lack of gratitude, a lack of motivation, and a lack of love. Instead you are ingraining apathy, hatred, and resentment towards life and towards putting in effort.

Constantly being negative increases your stress because it makes you think that problems are much worse than they actually are. It weakens your ability to handle problems, because instead you are overwhelming yourself with negativity. And your clarity of thought and ability to see reality clearly will be drastically hindered, as you will have built up a strong lens of unappreciation in which you view the world.

People will not want to be around you. Those that do end up surrounding you will be people who share your level of negativity and apathy towards the world. High-achieving, motivated, and positive people will be completely absent from your life. Your life will embody and will reflect your addiction to negativity. You’ll be unable to see opportunities passing you by, and if you do happen to see them, you’ll be unable to muster the effort and energy to go after them. High quality influences, connections, and people will be completely pushed away and scared off. Your level of happiness and success will be directly correlated to your level of negativity.

That’s just no way to live. That’s how to live if you hate yourself and life, which you shouldn’t. Instead you should accept the hand that you’ve been dealt in life, which very well may suck terribly, but it’s the only hand you’ll ever get, so embrace it and make the most of it. Commit yourself to becoming the best version of yourself, which is subjective to your passions. Discover what you want out of life. Take action, be proactive, get ahead, and look for the good in life, it truly is everywhere.

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