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Consider Walking a Golf Course for Exercise

by Jeremy Holcombe

Exercise and health are very important aspects of life. We exercise to stay healthy, to keep our bodies in shape, and to allow for the best possible life. However, many of us can’t stand the thought of exercise — we just don’t want to get up, go out, and do it.

The trick is to do something that you enjoy, while at the same time using it for exercise. Golf is a great sport, and is very popular. Why not walk a golf course for some exercise?

Walk 9-Holes or 18-Holes

Walking a golf course is not only good for your health, it is also good for the mind. It is very peaceful on a golf course, which is why many people play the game. Instead of buying a golf cart, you can put your bag over your shoulders, or on a pull cart, and walk 9-holes or a full 18-holes.

If you don’t think you will get a good workout, think again. You will be sore and sweaty afterwards, and you will have been doing something you enjoy, in a pleasant and peaceful location, while at the same time getting some great cardio exercise.

If you are not a golfer, then maybe now is a perfect time to start experimenting with the game. It’s a fantastic way to get exercise, be outdoors, enjoy something you love, and all-in-all… stay fit, healthy, and happy.

Try walking a golf course for exercise now. It may be the most fun you ever have exercising.

Remember: Just like any other exercise you need to do some warm ups and stretches. Take some time to get loose, and maybe swing your clubs for a little while so you don’t pull anything when you are on the course.

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