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Coronavirus Is Coming: Are You Ready?

by Richard A Reagan

With the spread of coronavirus around the world, the reality is setting in that we won’t be rid of the disease anytime soon. And with the disease spreading outside of China to Italy, Iran, and South Korea, quarantines are becoming a reality for many millions of people around the world. If the disease were to make it to the United States, you can bet that quarantines will be set in place. Are you ready to hunker down for at least two weeks?

Reports from virus-hit cities around the world tell the story of store shelves stripped bare as panicking citizens seek to stock up on everything they could possibly need to eat. If you aren’t already prepared to self-quarantine for at least two weeks, you could find yourself in real difficulty. Here are the things you’ll need to stock up on if you hope to make it through a quarantine safely.

1. Protective Masks

At the very minimum you’re going to want to have some N95 masks on hand, especially if you’re able to venture out at all or if you have to interact with people coming to your door. But the higher protection you can get from a mask, the better. And always be sure to dispose of your masks once they’ve been used for 8 hours or so, as they’re useless after that.

2. Medical Supplies

Stock up on any medication you need, whether that’s prescription or over the counter. Also make sure to have band-aids, first aid kits, latex gloves, or anything else that you may think you need.

3. Vitamins

Vitamin C and vitamin D can help boost your immune system, helping protect you against infection. Be sure to have plenty of vitamins on hand so that you can help stave off the coronavirus.

4. Food

Obviously you’re going to want to have food on hand, at least two weeks worth and preferably up to a month’s worth. In China, only one person per household was allowed to go shopping, and only every other day. Better to have everything you have at home already, rather than have to face coming into contact with infected people.

5. Water

You probably won’t have problems getting water if you’re on city service or if you have a well. But just in case, make sure you have a few weeks worth of water stored up just in case.

6. Toiletries

Be sure to have plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, and other toiletry items available. You’re not going to want to have to leave the house just for a TP run, so buy as much as you can right now.

7. Firearms and Ammunition

With most grocery stores only having about three days of food on hand, be prepared for stores to quickly be stripped bare. Once that happens, expect households that haven’t prepared to get desperate, especially in large cities. Don’t be surprised if there are individuals out and about trying to steal from those who are better prepared, and be prepared to defend yourself.

8. Books and Entertainment

If you’re going to be holed up inside for two weeks, you’re likely to get bored pretty easily. Make sure to have plenty of books, movies, and other forms of entertainment available.

9. Pet Food and Supplies

If you have pets, stock up on food, litter, and other things you’ll need. If your ability to leave the house is limited, your daily dog walks may be the only time you’ll get outside. Have plenty of food on hand for your pets.

10. Baby Supplies

If you have babies and small children, buy plenty of diapers, wipes, formula, and other supplies that you’ll need. You won’t be able to replicate those once you run out.

11. Trash Bags

You’re probably going to be producing plenty of trash, and your local authorities will want everything bagged, especially if it’s going to be incinerated. Stock up now while you still can.

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