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COVID-19 Hysteria Is Driven by the Media: Will They Be Held Responsible?

by Richard A Reagan

The mainstream media have long since stopped being a source of accurate information, with most media outlets today acting more as partisan publications with an obvious agenda to push. One need only look at coverage of COVID-19 to realize that, with most media outlets engaging in their usual sensationalism to blow this virus completely out of proportion.

Remember that the same media outlets reporting on coronavirus are the ones who treat every thunderstorm as if it were a Category 5 hurricane, and who trumpet coming snowstorms so much that stores are sold out of bread and milk for a storm that results in half an inch of snow. In the same way, these media outlets have taken a handful of tragic cases of COVID-19 and blown them up to make it appear that everyone who comes down with the virus is at risk of a horrible, painful death.

Reports of hearts bursting, children dying, and patients succumbing to the virus alone in the hospital have people far overestimating the likelihood of severe complications from the virus. The fact is that far more people have been exposed to or suffered from the virus than have been tested, and that the overwhelming majority have had no serious issues. It isn’t that 20% of people who have the virus develop complications, it’s more like 2% or 0.2% or less, since the number of actual cases of the virus is anywhere from 5 to 50 times higher than current numbers indicate.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 is also in question, with media once again pushing the more sensationalist figures that aren’t accurate. We’ve already mentioned previously the huge discrepancies between, for instance, Germany and Belgium. The difference between the two countries is that Germany only counts COVID-19 deaths if there is a confirmed diagnosis, whereas Belgium counts every death that could have been COVID-19. Yet the media, rather than pointing out the obvious flaw in counting as COVID-19 deaths those who didn’t even have the virus, call Belgium “honest” for its obvious fakery.

Image: Yahoo! News

Anyone who has dug behind the reporting, dug into the numbers, and tracked this virus over the long term realizes that it isn’t as dangerous as the media would like to make it out to be. Remember, the same media reporting on COVID-19 as a threat is the same media that reports on global warming as a crisis. The same reporters who uncritically repeat assertions that the world will end in 10 years unless governments do something about climate change are the same ones who think that we’re going to have to change our way of life for years due to COVID-19.

Yet it’s amazing how many Americans can see through the obvious BS of climate change, yet fall for media COVID-19 coverage hook, line, and sinker. COVID-19 is a crisis that the left is using to push its agenda of trampling on human rights and gaining more political control. The left is constantly on the lookout for a crisis that will allow it to push for bigger government, and COVID-19 is their best opportunity yet. The lockdown protests around the country are encouraging, but how long will it take most ordinary Americans to wake up and see that they’ve been bamboozled, and that they’ve been sleepwalking into giving up their rights and freedoms? More importantly, once they wake up, is it too late for them to regain their freedom?

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