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COVID Passports Are Already Here

by Robert Wayne

One of the biggest fears that many people have as a result of the COVID brouhaha is the eventual establishment of COVID passports. Governments around the world have threatened to restrict “opening up” on the condition that businesses and venues only open up to those who are vaccinated and can prove they are vaccinated. Airlines, cruise ships, and sports venues are among the businesses who have announced that they aim to take part in these schemes, banning those who haven’t been vaccinated from traveling, vacationing, or enjoying entertainment. But while some of this is just talk, others are already springing into action.

The state of New York is already testing out a new COVID passport called Excelsior Pass, developed with IBM. It runs through an app, and can either be printed out or loaded onto a smartphone. First tests of the COVID passport were already made in late February at a Brooklyn Nets NBA game, then tested again at a New York Rangers NHL game.

It’s a scary sign that something like this is being tested already, and we have to hope that these schemes don’t gain much traction. With states like Florida and Texas leading the way in opening up, we have to hope that more states go that route and eschew the authoritarian and Orwellian thinking behind COVID passports. We’ve seen that such measures aren’t necessary, and the only reason behind their adoption is to maintain government control over the citizenry and our lives.

After a year of this insanity and increased government control, it’s time now for us to forcefully reject any further measures aimed at controlling our lives and our freedoms. The COVID bogeyman has been unmasked and shown to be much ado about nothing, so citizens need to take back the rights they once enjoyed if they ever hope to exercise them again in the future. No more fear-mongering, no more rule by emergency decree, and no more disruption of our lives and liberties under the guise of helping us.

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