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DC Homeless Shelters Filling Up With Illegal Immigrants

by Robert Wayne

It’s easy to say that you support illegal immigrants when you don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis. But many people who have experience with them eventually come to realize the problems that illegal immigration poses. And now Washington, DC is having to come to grips with that.

Border states have long borne the brunt of illegal immigration, with damage to property caused by invading groups of immigrants, increased crime from coyotes and drug smugglers, and burdens on the education and welfare systems. So border state governors in Texas and Arizona decided that Washington, DC should get a taste of the consequences of the tide of illegal immigrants that is overwhelming the country.

Texas and Arizona have been quietly sending busloads of illegal immigrants to DC, and DC doesn’t like it. Apparently the city, which has billed itself as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, is seeing its homeless shelters filling up as busloads of immigrants arrive in the city.

Many of them are asylum-seekers, and DC isn’t their intended destination. But for the time being, they’re there in the capital city, and DC authorities have to deal with them.

Now that they’re seeing the effects of unchecked illegal immigration, however, DC authorities don’t want to have anything to do with it. Mayor Muriel Bowser is decrying the number of people who have been bused to the city, and wants it to stop.

In other words, in typical liberal fashion, illegal immigration is good for thee but not for me. Once they have to actually deal with the consequences of the policies they support, liberals suddenly become less than enamored. That doesn’t keep them from endorsing those policies, however. It just means they try extra hard to try to make someone else deal with them.

Sadly, it may take illegal immigrants boarding at the White House to make President Biden realize the error of his ways. Or maybe not even that, as he’s so mentally challenged right now that he probably doesn’t even realize where he is.

But kudos to the Governors of Texas and Arizona who are fighting fire with fire rather than sitting back and waiting for help. That’s the only way to get things done and push for change. Hopefully it will help inspire other conservative leaders to do the same.

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