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Does Biden Want Perpetual War in Ukraine?

by Robert Wayne

While the governments of Ukraine and Russia continue to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine, it seems that President Biden has something else in mind. Because every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot so far into it that you can’t help but wonder if he secretly wants a perpetual war in Ukraine.

You’ve probably already heard about how he said that Putin can’t remain in power. Then he went on to brag about how US troops were training Ukrainian troops in Poland. But he later tried to walk back those comments, and claim that regime change in Russia wasn’t an official policy. He even had talking points printed up for him to make sure he didn’t get off message.

But now Biden has once again stirred things up by stating that he thinks Putin should be tried for war crimes. On what grounds? What has happened in Ukraine that didn’t happen in World War II at the hands of Allied troops? On what basis does Biden think that Putin should be held responsible for the actions of Russian troops who may or may not even be following orders?

It’s not only a bizarre allegation to make, it’s one that is unlikely to lead to any sort of resolution in Ukraine. After all, if a Russian loss or stalemate in Ukraine means that Putin could end up standing trial for some sort of war crimes, what incentive is there for Putin to negotiate a truce? His only incentive if the US decides to claim that he’s committing war crimes is to win, and to win at all costs. And if that means more Ukrainian civilians die, or a few American cities get nuked, why wouldn’t he save his own skin by doing that?

As unhinged and erratic as Putin may be, Biden is arguably worse. He has no filter, can’t be controlled, and is obviously only a figurehead being controlled by puppet masters. And if they don’t rein him in, his incessant commentary could end up ruining any possibility of a halfway peaceful end to the conflict in Ukraine.

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