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DOJ Corruption Knows No Bounds

by Robert Wayne

Although overshadowed by current events, the Democratic January 6th witch hunt goes on. Democrats in Congress are looking for anything, no matter how insignificant, to try to weave together a story that will support their narrative that the takeover of the Capitol Building on January 6th was pre-planned with the help of President Trump and his administration.

They’ve gone so far as to subpoena former Trump advisor Stephen Bannon, even though long-established precedent has held that Presidential advisors are immune from being compelled to testify before Congress. Bannon has refused to testify, of course, as he rightly views the January 6th commission as being nothing more than a partisan and politically motivated witch hunt. And the actions of Department of Justice lawyers may very well let him off the hook.

DOJ’s lawyers took the unusual move of requesting information on Bannon’s lawyer’s phone records to see who he was communicating with. It’s a highly unusual move, particularly given the importance of attorney-client privilege. And the judge in the case was none too pleased, requesting additional information from DOJ lawyers be provided to Bannon’s lawyers about just why Bannon became a target for prosecution.

Of course, by now only the most obtuse observers would fail to understand just how corrupt and partisan the entire federal government is. Federal employees see themselves as agents of preserving the status quo, so that anyone who dares upset the existing order is seen as an enemy of the state who needs to be destroyed.

The existing order, of course, is that supported by Democrats, so that any Republican taking office will face nothing but opposition from the Democrats who staff the federal government. And in Trump’s case, it wasn’t just opposition but rather an outright attack, one which is still ongoing and one which is still targeting his former staffers and advisors.

The arguments Democrats are making may be weak and meritless, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to fall on deaf ears. Enough Americans have been propagandized that they’ll believe anything the Democrats say, and that includes judges. But it seems like more and more Americans are starting to wake up and realize just how deep the corruption in Washington, DC goes. It’s up to us to keep talking about it and wake up more of our fellow Americans if we want to see some real change.

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