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Fetterman’s Disability Can’t Be Covered Up

by Anthony Buckley

The debate between Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman in the race for Pennsylvania’s US Senate seat was painful to watch. Fetterman is still struggling to recover from the stroke he suffered earlier this year, and it’s obvious. But what’s even more obvious is the mainstream media’s attempts to cover up how poorly Fetterman performed.

Those who watched the debate overwhelmingly believed that Oz won. Yet you wouldn’t know that from reading news headlines the next day. And even if you had seen clips from the debate that highlighted Fetterman’s difficulties, you would have had trouble finding them the next day, as Google and others were working hard to memory hole them.

In the end, however, Big Tech couldn’t censor Fetterman’s obvious problems, and as a result polls that once saw him cruising to an easy victory now predict a contest that will be neck and neck. Fetterman is trying to pull out all the stops, gaining an endorsement from Oz’s former mentor, Oprah Winfrey. But whether that’s enough to propel him to victory remains to be seen.

Perhaps it was the egregious nature of the mainstream media’s attempts to carry water for Fetterman that is convincing more people to vote for Oz. Anyone seeing Fetterman stumble would have been aghast at seeing his struggles. How any campaign thought it was a good idea to put him out there is puzzling. After all, there’s a reason President Biden refused to debate President Trump, because a debate would have made Biden’s cognitive disabilities readily apparent.

Democrats are trying to do damage control now, but it may be too little, too late. And in a sense, the Fetterman debacle is a microcosm of Democrats as a whole. They’ve spent the past two years ruining this country, and now they’re trying to deflect blame, focusing instead on abortion and hoping that their support of murdering babies is going to give them more votes. But they may find out the hard way that Americans vote more with their pocketbooks than for ideological reasons.

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