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Finding the Path Meant For You

by Eric Lumpkins

There is so much we do not know with regards to life and it can feel as if we are grasping in the dark or guessing when it comes to the directions we take ourselves in life. Many people lie awake at night, terrified that they are pursuing something they don’t love and missing out on a truly fulfilling life. Don’t let that be you, take proactive steps, and think ahead.

Through Trial and Error

Don’t take your future for granted and don’t arrogantly assume success and a fulfilling career is going to come easy. Finding your passions and discovering what drives you and puts you in that flow state requires trying many different jobs and hobbies, learning about many different concepts, industries, and subjects, and it requires taking massive levels of action.

Many people don’t find that one thing that really engages and drives them until later in life, but along the way they discover numerous things they are also passionate and interested in. Try lots of different things, learn endlessly, take action, and create content. You’ll move much closer towards your calling while doing cool things along the way.

You Will Have to Take Leaps of Faith

A truly rewarding and fulfilling career and life likely won’t be reached through the safe, secure, and well-trodden path. You’re going to have to take risks and bet on yourself. This means investing in yourself, taking the time to learn new skills, putting your visions into action, going all in on yourself, and committing yourself to excelling at whatever endeavor or business you’re currently working on.

Taking these leaps of faith is scary, because we don’t know what lies on the other side. We imagine failure, rejection, and we stop ourselves before we even begin. You have to trust yourself and take risks in order to achieve what you love. Otherwise you may be doomed to mediocrity.

Let Fear Guide You

Another great way to tell what it is that you urgently need to is to acknowledge that which you are most afraid of. That which you are scared of doing is usually something you care deeply about, but are terrified of failing at. And the more fear and resistance you feel, that means the more important it is you face it.

If it meant nothing to you, you’d feel no fear or resistance towards it. Give your 100% best effort, and if you still fail, then move on to the next thing. At least you showed up and tried. Most can’t even do that.

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