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First Gun Buybacks, Now… Car Buybacks?

by Richard A Reagan

It seems as though there is no limit as to what Democrats will spend taxpayer money on. As if it weren’t bad enough already that the federal government is $23 trillion in debt, Democrats want to keep spending as if that debt didn’t exist. And the things they want to spend that money on sometimes boggle the mind.

We’ve heard numerous Democratic Presidential candidates proclaim their support for gun “buybacks,” as though the government could buy back something that it never owned in the first place. But those proposals, which could cost billions and billions of dollars, are only the tip of the iceberg. Democrats aren’t content just trying to tell people not to own guns. Now they’re trying to tell them what kind of cars they should or shouldn’t own.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is proposing a $462 billion program that would incentivize millions of Americans to trade in their gasoline-powered automobiles for electric, hybrid, or fuel cell cars. Never mind that the technology in many cases is still unproven, the range is inadequate, or that the charging infrastructure isn’t there.

And never mind the fact that the electricity used by electric cars is made by burning coal or garbage, or that the batteries used in the cars have environmental impacts of their own. None of that matters to the Democratic virtue signalers who only look at the end users, i.e. the citizenry, and how they can control and manipulate their behavior.

Thankfully Schumer’s legislation won’t go anywhere since Republicans still control the Senate. But legislation like this gives you an idea of what Democrats want to do once they’re in power.

They don’t care that most people prefer having gasoline-powered cars, or that they have a need to haul large numbers of people or things. They just have a reflexive desire to tell other people what to do, and they will stop at nothing to get their way.

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