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Former CIA Director: We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole

by Richard A Reagan

While everyone knows that the CIA is involved in a lot of shady business, no one expects the agency or its operatives to be upfront about what it actually does. Perhaps that’s why the comments made by former CIA Director and current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are gaining so much attention among alternative media outlets. At a recent speech at Texas A&M, Pompeo admitted that while he was the CIA Director, “We lied, we cheated, we stole.” So why has the mainstream media largely turned a blind eye to Pompeo and his admitted misdeeds while continuing to go after President Trump?

For one thing, everyone expects the CIA to be up to no good, so it’s no real surprise when agency officials admit to wrongdoing. For whatever reason, most people have bought into the idea that breaking the law, blatant lying, and extrajudicial killings are perfectly acceptable things to do in the intelligence field.

But more important is the fact that Pompeo is a member of the very same deep state that has been after Trump since he was elected. The fact that he was even nominated is because the deep state continues to get its hooks into the Trump administration, ensuring that its favored candidates gain access to the levers of power and the making of foreign policy.

The deep state’s biggest fear was that President Trump would actually follow through on his aim of pursuing peaceful relations with other countries and pulling the United States out of military quagmires around the world. To the deep state, the pursuit of peace on the Korean peninsula, pulling troops out of Syria, and treating Russia as an ally rather than an adversary are anathema.

Unfortunately the deep state succeeded in getting many foreign policy hawks into the administration, including Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Elliott Abrams. The non-interventionist talk from candidate Trump is a distant memory now as sabers are rattled at Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and any other country that might arouse the neoconservatives’ ire. Don’t expect the mainstream media to publish any criticism of that hawkishness either, as they’ll only too happily ignore outright wrongdoing in order to pursue their single-minded obsession with bringing down the President.

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