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Get to Know Ginseng for Diabetes and Weight Control

by Jeremy Holcombe

You have probably heard a little about Ginseng. As is the case with many Chinese herbs, Ginseng offers the user many great health benefits. These can range from helping control and/or prevent type 2 Diabetes, to helping with weight control. Lets get to know Ginseng a bit and find out exactly what is and what health benefits it can offer.

What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is a wildly used and very popular Chinese herb that has been used for over two thousand years. Ginseng’s main use in America is as a supplemental drug in holistic circles and among people who believe in the healing power of herbs. However, studies have shown that the Ginseng herb can help prevent many major health issues and the Chinese herb is now starting to pick up in popularity here in America.

The fact that the Ginseng plant is grown to look like the human body should tell you something right away. There is common Ginseng and rare Ginseng. The rarest forms of the plant sell for huge amounts in China and in Asian Markets across the US. The most common form of Ginseng is call Panax, which is packaged as a tea that can be brewed or as an elixir drink in a tiny bottle.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Aiding in Helping Type 2 Diabetes: Studies have found that taking Ginseng may improve blood sugar. The effect was noticed even in average blood sugar levels over a three-month span.

Weight Control: The extract from the Ginseng berry is believed to help fight obesity and also help with weight control overall.

Physical and Mental Health Stimulant: The herb has shown that it is good for stamina and helps boost energy levels. Ginseng has also shown that it helps athletes use oxygen more effectively, regulate metabolism, and lower recovery time for them as well.

Male Sexual Drive: Consuming Ginseng can help males with conditions like erectile dysfunction. Be sure you discuss this option with your doctor.

Menstrual Problems: Women who suffer from serious menstrual cramps are advised to take Ginseng, especially in tea form. The herb helps with stomach pain that is associated with menstruation.

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