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Governor DeSantis Announces His Border Security Plan Amids Record-High Migrant Encounters

by Richard A Reagan

Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has announced a strategic border security plan at an event in Eagle Pass, Texas. [Source]

“On January 20, 2025, we will embark on a mission to halt the influx at our southern border, combat the drug cartels that are harming our citizens, build a border wall, and reestablish our nation’s sovereignty. We are done with empty promises and slogans. Now is the time for action, no excuses. We will get the job done.”

His emphatic words follow a report revealing a staggering 204,561 migrant encounters at the southern border in May alone.

What’s even more striking is that for the past 27 consecutive months, monthly apprehensions at the southern border exceeded 150,000. 

These figures serve as a stark reminder of the magnitude of the crisis.

Will we finally see a proactive approach to a situation that has held the nation in its grip? 

DeSantis’ plan is designed to tackle this multifaceted issue head-on.

At the core of his border security plan is a strategic balance between aggressive enforcement and collaborative action. He proposes a variety of actions, including increased border patrols, enhanced surveillance, and strategic use of resources to ensure border integrity.

However, these are not just empty promises. DeSantis has made serious efforts to address the crisis. 

In a bid to ensure active participation, he announced a nationwide coalition of 90 sheriffs, which includes law enforcement officers from Florida, California, Colorado, and other states. They have pledged to join forces to protect American communities from the repercussions of the border crisis. [Source]

The sheriffs cited the record of 2.4 million migrant encounters in FY 2022 as a call for action, asserting the federal government’s failure to secure the nation’s border. [Source]

DeSantis has not shied away from making bold moves. He decided to send migrant flights to California, arguing that states and cities promoting ‘open border’ policies should shoulder the brunt of the migrant crisis. [Source]

He blames sanctuary cities that have, in his view, indirectly contributed to this crisis.

“These sanctuary jurisdictions are part of the problem because they have endorsed and advocated for these types of open-border policies. They have proudly declared themselves as sanctuary jurisdictions.”

The signing of an anti-illegal immigration bill is another significant move by DeSantis. The bill mandates the use of E-Verify by employers, increases penalties for human and drug trafficking, and prohibits local jurisdictions from issuing IDs to illegal immigrants. [Source]

All of this underscores DeSantis as a formidable force in the ongoing immigration debate and the 2024 GOP presidential race.

At the Eagle Pass event, DeSantis criticized the Biden administration for exacerbating the border crisis: “This border, due to the neglect of the Biden administration and their intentional failures, is controlled by Mexican drug cartels. This is disgraceful and horrific.”

He also hinted at former President Trump’s shortcomings, subtly suggesting that more robust measures could have been taken during his tenure. “For decades, leaders from both parties have made empty promises on border security, and now it is time to act to halt the influx once and for all.”

DeSantis’ initiative is an urgent call for robust and effective strategies.

President Biden’s approach is proving ineffective. Despite the record-high migrant encounters at the southern border over the past two years, Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas have all claimed that the border is secure

The retirement of U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz and the misuse of Title 42 are further signs that existing policies are failing. 

Governor DeSantis has shown that he is not afraid to take controversial steps. Such a proactive approach is needed.

Do you think we will see stricter laws and a more secure border if DeSantis is elected?

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