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Heroic Judge Overturns Federal Government’s Mask Mandate

by Robert Wayne

In a recent victory for freedom, a federal judge in Florida overturned the Biden administration’s mandate requiring masks for interstate travel. It’s a classic case of better late than never, but hopefully it’s indicative of the tide turning in the fight to maintain our freedoms in the face of the fascist threat that masquerades as public health.

The administration had only extended the mask mandate for another two weeks, until May 3rd, pending study of the latest variant of COVID. But thanks to the judge’s ruling, airlines immediately rescinded their mask mandates, allowing air travelers once again to breathe freely.

It’s sad that it took a court case to finally overturn this idiotic mandate, and even sadder that it took nearly a year for a decision to be made. In all likelihood someone would have ruled this way at some point, but now with this ruling in the books, it should give cover to even more judges to rule similarly in the future.

It’s almost as though no judges wanted to stick their necks out and rule against the administration, proving once again that judges are more often than not going to just go with the flow rather than risk rocking the boat. Still, with the tide turning as more and more people realize that COVID theater was much ado about nothing, we can hope that the administration will quietly let its mask mandate die as people once again become accustomed to living freely without masks being imposed upon them.

It’s almost funny seeing the authorities still trying to instill fear into people over threats from new COVID variants, oblivious to the fact that more and more people have seen through the BS and are sick and tired of being made to feel afraid of COVID. It would be funny, except for the fact that the tyrants wanting to impose mask mandates and lockdowns aren’t giving up, and they actually think that people should listen to them.

Now isn’t the time to be complacent and rest on our laurels. The forces of COVID tyranny are still out there, and we have to make sure that we’ll never again face the same restrictions that too many of us put up with for too long. This ruling is a good first step, but now we need to rein in the tyrants to ensure that we never face a situation like this ever again.

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