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Historically Cold Weather Causing Problems Everywhere

by Jeremy Holcombe

Weather in much of the north and east has hit historic lows over the last couple of weeks. Mix in the wind chill factors, and we are talking about temperatures running into the -40 F area in some parts of the northern part of the US.

While it did warm up, relatively speaking, for a couple of days, that warmer weather is headed out the door again, and will be replaced with frigid cold and even more wind chill.

According to Boston.com, if you were hoping for the wind to relax a bit today, think again. The wind is going to continue for the next couple of days and doesn’t really relax until later Wednesday.

The wind has been beneficial in one way. The roads and sidewalks have dried nicely during the night, so ice isn’t a big problem. But anytime you have temperatures fall from the 50s to the mid-teens, you can encounter isolated icy patches while driving.

The weather has been causing all sorts of problems for travelers, and even for people just trying to get through their day. In parts of the country where it has been the coldest, it is almost impossible to even go outdoors for any amount of time. At this point walking to the car is a challenge.

We should see some warmer weather again later this week, but more frigid temperatures are probably on the way, as the remaining part of January and all of February are still ahead of us. These are the two coldest months of the year in many areas.  Bundle up and stay warm out there!

Sources: Boston.com | The Weather Channel

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