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House Oversight Committee Reveals $40K in Chinese Funds in Biden’s Account

by Richard A Reagan

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) disclosed bank records on Wednesday, indicating that Biden received $40,000 in funds described as “laundered.” [Source]

These documents originate from the Chinese government-affiliated CEFC China Energy in 2017.

The detailed transactions go back to 2017. A transfer from James Biden, the President’s brother, and his wife, Sara, to then-candidate Biden took place during this time. The Committee believes this transfer is linked to the same deal where Biden was allegedly referred to as the “big guy” and expected to get a 10% cut. This would represent the first documented evidence of Biden benefiting from his family’s international deals.

Additionally, these funds were part of a “complex financial operation” not long after Hunter Biden, the President’s son, reportedly threatened a CEFC employee. This sum appeared in Joe Biden’s bank account on September 3, 2017, marked as a “loan repayment.”

Comer emphasized the situation, stating, “Well, not only did he lie about his son Hunter making money in China, but it also turns out that $40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal check.” [Source]

Data presented by Chairman Comer suggests that CEFC, now defunct in Beijing’s “Belt and Road” initiative, paid Hunter and James Biden a significant total of at least $6.1 million between 2017 and 2018. About $5 million of this was transferred on August 8, 2017, to Hudson West III, a company co-founded by Hunter Biden. [Source]

Subsequent transactions saw funds being dispersed among different entities. On August 28, Sara Biden withdrew $50,000 in cash from Lion Hall Group, a company she co-owned with James Biden. Later the same day, she deposited this sum into their shared checking account. A few days after, a check for $40,000, earmarked as a ‘loan repayment,’ was issued to Joe Biden.

The Biden administration responded to these allegations. White House spokesman Ian Sams took to X, the social media platform, refuting the allegations and labeling them as “lies and conspiracy theories” by Comer.

“This has been widely debunked for more than a week now,” Sams noted, citing an article in The Messenger, which reportedly reviewed bank records, showing the $40,000 was a brief loan between the Biden brothers, repaid within two months.

These revelations may escalate the current House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry, focusing on the alleged corruption involving the Biden family in countries like China and Ukraine. The information comes as President Biden is scheduled to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco, leading some Republicans to question his ability to handle China impartially, given his family’s alleged financial ties.

This story is still developing….

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