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House Remains Without a Speaker as Jordan’s Second Attempt Falls Short

by Richard A Reagan

Photo by Gage Skidmore

In a surprising turn of events that has left the GOP scrambling for a solution, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was unsuccessful in securing the House speakership for the second time, missing the mark by a significant margin. [Source]

On Wednesday, Jordan received 199 votes, falling short of the necessary 217 for the sought-after position, despite aggressive lobbying efforts. Notably, 22 Republicans shifted their support to other candidates, highlighting Jordan’s challenges within his party.

This number was an increase of four from Tuesday’s vote, in which Jordan secured 200 votes. However, offering a glimmer of hope for Jordan, Reps. Doug LaMalfa of California and Victoria Spartz of Indiana threw their support behind him in this round. [Source]

In stark contrast, all 212 Democrats unanimously voted for their leader, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, showcasing Democratic unity in the face of the GOP’s dilemma.

A variety of Republicans cast their votes for different candidates. Distinguished members such as Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska, Rep. Vern Buchanan of Florida, and Rep. Lori Chavez-Ramer of Oregon, among others, chose diverse candidates, with some even casting nostalgic votes for former speakers like John Boehner. [Source]

In the wake of the vote, the Republican camp is rife with speculation and strategizing. A dominant proposal, backed by several, including three former Republican House speakers, is to bolster the authority of Rep. Patrick McHenry, the current speaker pro tempore. [Source]

An insider aptly commented, “All roads lead to McHenry.” Realizing this proposition would likely necessitate bipartisan support, some Democrats have signaled a willingness to bolster McHenry’s role, provided certain conditions are met.

Jordan remains unwavering in his pursuit. He told reporters, “Speaker McCarthy, he had a two-month runway from when he got the conference nomination and when we got to that first week in January, so we’re right where he was in his numbers.” Underscoring his resolve, he added, “We got 200 votes. You know, we picked up some today, a couple dropped off but they voted for me before, I think they can come back again. So we’ll keep talking to members, we’ll keep working on it.”

The urgency to establish a leadership framework is growing, especially with looming legislative decisions, including government funding bills and foreign aid.

Within the GOP, some moderates view bolstering McHenry’s role as the optimal route, aiming to reinstate order and maintain the House’s operations. Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania emphasized this sentiment, noting the importance of securing government funding beyond the current fiscal year.

While Democrats are open to the idea, they intend to negotiate their terms. Jeffries shared, “I have respect for Patrick McHenry. I think he is respected on our side of the aisle. There are a whole host of other Republicans who are respected on our side of the aisle,” quickly adding, “Jim Jordan is not one of them.”

Amid the intricacies of this leadership quandary, one fact stands out: the direction for the House is uncertain.

Jordan hinted at the possibility of seeking a third vote to strengthen his position today. Will he change the game? Time will tell.

This story is still unfolding…

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