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How Much Longer Will It Be Before Civil Unrest Becomes More Widespread?

by Richard A Reagan

With some areas of the country now having faced nearly two months of economic shutdowns, tensions are rising among those most affected by the lockdowns. While the professional classes who can work from home have largely remained unaffected, those in customer-facing professions are wondering how they’re going to survive any more weeks of shutdowns. As a result, we’re seeing a rash of protests across the country, from Texas to Michigan to California. And with many of them featuring armed, albeit peaceful, protesters, how long will it be before these protests turn into real civil unrest?

Hungry, unemployed people have been the catalyst for unrest and even revolutions since time immemorial. With nothing to lose, there’s no reason for them not to get upset at their state in life, nor is there any reason for them not to use violence if they think it’s a means of solving their problems.

The political class in this country doesn’t understand just how many people are out of work right now, nor does it understand their plight. Many American households were already living paycheck to paycheck. Now they’ve burned through what little savings they had, burned through their one-time stimulus checks, and they’re itching to get back to work to put food on the table for their children. But that doesn’t matter one iota to our overlords, who care less about children eating and more about being obeyed, no matter how stupid, counterproductive, or evil their orders are.

That’s why we’re seeing a spate of resistance, from salon operators and bar owners to armed protesters storming state legislatures, demanding that the madness end right now. With more and more research pointing to the fact that coronavirus was already present in the West last year, the justification for continuing these lockdowns is deteriorating even further. Now the mask has been ripped away, and government officials are getting honest about the real motivation behind their orders: they want to be in control and they want to dictate what people can and cannot do.

Read any accounts of the early days of the Soviet Union and you won’t see any difference between what the Cheka did then and the police in the US do today. Dare to violate the government’s orders forbidding certain types of capitalistic activity and you can guarantee that you’ll be arrested and imprisoned. It’s no wonder freedom-loving Americans are up in arms (literally) opposing this tyranny. And if the lockdowns last much longer, don’t be surprised to see much more opposition.

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