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Hunter Biden’s Laptop Repairman Alleges FBI Tried to Hush Him Up

by Robert Wayne

Remember the Hunter Biden laptop story? It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since it first hit the news, and also that even with as much information from it has come to light no one has seen charges as a result of the information found on it.

The mainstream media closed ranks two years ago to denounce Hunter’s laptop as a piece of Russian disinformation, their term of choice for information that they wanted to try to disappear. The New York Post even saw its Twitter account locked as a result of posting about the laptop, as Twitter deemed the story to be misinformation.

Time has vindicated the truth, even if the left still tries to pretend that the laptop doesn’t exist. But as more details come out, the government is being painted in an even worse light.

The computer repairman who ended up with Hunter’s laptop says that he was threatened by the FBI agents who came to investigate him. After joking that he would change their names when he wrote a book about the encounter, one agent told him, “It is our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things.”

Given everything that we have seen from the FBI in recent years, it shouldn’t be surprising that an FBI agent would make that kind of veiled threat. The agency has clearly gone off the rails, and is no longer a law enforcement agency but rather a group of Establishment attack dogs waiting to be sicced on political enemies.

As it turns out, the computer repairman ended up deciding to write a book anyway, so that threat failed to muzzle him. And we can only hope that the Hunter Biden laptop story won’t disappear down the memory hole either. The corruption of the Biden family needs to see the light of day, so that we can see once and for all the type of people that Democrats want to rule over us.

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