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If You Like Your Car, You Can Keep It. Okay, Not Really

by Anthony Buckley

One of the hallmarks of President Obama’s push to pass Obamacare was his assertion that if you liked your healthcare plan, you could keep it. Unfortunately, millions of Americans found out the hard way that wasn’t true. So the Biden administration has dropped any pretense of pretending that it cares about the American people, and is going all out to make our lives miserable.

To that end, the Biden administration recently announced a new executive order that sets a target for 50% of all car sales to be zero emissions vehicles (i.e. electric) by 2030. That’s less than ten years away, and it’s a scary thing to think about.

Only about 2% of car sales in the US today are electric and, let’s face it, most Americans don’t want electric. For one thing, the infrastructure just isn’t there to support them. Drive a regular car and gas stations are a dime a dozen. Driving electric cars doesn’t make sense unless it’s only in an urban or suburban area where you know you’re going to be able to plug in at the end of the night. Try any long trips and you really have to map your route well in order to access charging stations.

That of course is assuming that you can trust that your car’s range is as advertised. Aging batteries offer less performance, so you may eventually find yourself with a car that needs charging more often than you’re used to. And extra passengers and cargo could also diminish the range of your electric vehicle even more severely. Sure, most guys with pickups don’t actually do any real work with them, so an electric pickup might make some sense. But if you need to haul a ton of brick, or tow a trailer or boat, do you really think an electric pickup is going to cut it?

America’s vast expanses just aren’t conducive to electric cars, at least not right now. Not to mention the fact that Americans just don’t want electric cars, as their technology is too unproven. That doesn’t faze the Biden administration, however, which continues to try to restrict our freedoms by executive fiat.

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