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Importance of an Abundance Mindset

by Eric Lumpkins

Most people want happiness, joy, fulfilling lives – in other words, abundance. Most people will never find true abundance because they are taking the entirely wrong approach. Abundance is found within, not from the external.

Chasing Completion

Modern society and mainstream values tell us that we need external validation and external achievements in order to reach completion and fulfillment. This chasing of completion and chasing of fulfillment makes it so that once we’ve acquired those material possessions and external validations we automatically think “well I’ve made it, I don’t have to work hard anymore.” But what people will find is that despite their achievements and possessions that they still feel empty and unfulfilled.

You’re Already in Abundance

People are constantly running away from scarcity, attempting to reach abundance by acquiring things – knowledge, money, status, fame, relationships, possessions. Yet running away from scarcity will only result in more feelings of scarcity and inadequacy. What is required is a paradigm shift, a change in one’s mindset and perception of the world.

All it takes is realizing that you are already enough, you are already complete, and you are already in abundance. Abundance shouldn’t be your goal, rather it should be your starting point. From this place of completion and fulfillment simply from being you and simply from being alive, you can move forward in the world and offer enormous value for others.

A Thought Experiment

Imagine a superfan, such as a girl who is obsessed over a rockstar celebrity or a rapper who to that superfan is their hero, their idol, and favorite person. Now imagine that you are a superfan and that your idol and hero is you. To find out that of all the people in life that you could be, you turned out to be your all-time favorite person, and that person is you! The fact that you’re alive and have the opportunity to be you is simply miraculous.

From this perspective, enormous self-love and self-appreciation is the starting point. This is how we should all naturally be, every day, because the fact that we’re alive and that we are a person with unique thoughts and feelings is simply amazing and should not be taken for granted.

From this starting point our cup is overflowing and thus sharing good emotions and offering love, kindness, and value comes naturally and easily, because we are overflowing with abundance and we are already enough. Making this realization is the difference between spending your whole life looking for happiness and self-esteem, or understanding that it already lies within you.

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