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Is Antifa Behind the Western Wildfires?

by Anthony Buckley

The Western United States has been beset by major wildfires for weeks, and it seems as though things are starting to get out of control. California is currently combating the largest, third-largest, and fourth-largest wildfires in state history, while Oregon and Washington are also dealing with large fires. So far, over 3 million acres have been burned in California, while over 900,000 acres have burned in Oregon and nearly 600,000 acres in Washington. What caused all these fires?

We’ve probably all heard the story of one of the fires, started by pyrotechnics used at a gender reveal party. But with dozens of fires burning all up and down the West Coast, certainly they can’t all be accidental? And if they’re the result of arson, who is setting them?

There’s growing speculation that many of these fires are being deliberately set, possibly even by members of Antifa. It certainly stands to reason that militants who have no qualms about setting fire to businesses, cars, and police stations would have no qualms about setting wildfires. Fire has long been used as a weapon, and as part of a leftist insurgency in which the insurgents are engaging in guerrilla warfare, the use of wildfires to wreak havoc on rural populations populated by “fascists” (i.e. Trump voters) doesn’t seem far-fetched.

There’s growing suspicion that many of these fires are the result of arson. And with dozens of fires staring all up and down the West Coast, at a time of heightened political tension, it doesn’t seem that this could be the result of mere coincidence.

If it is the case that Antifa is behind the fires, it would mean that a new front has been opened in the opening stages of what could end up being a new civil war. And while we hope that we’re still a ways away from the random bombings and kidnappings that characterized leftist violence in the late 1960s and early 1970s, don’t be surprised to see that make a return either.

After decades of seeming peace and tranquility on the surface of American society, the left is making an all-out push to dominate the United States. The children of ‘68 and their scions are now firmly entrenched in the organs of power, dominating the media, the government, and the school system. They see the end goal, a communist takeover of the US, within sight, and they’re going all out to bring that to fruition. It’s up to us to act forcefully to keep that from happening.

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