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Is Everyone Democrats Don’t Like a Russian Agent?

by Richard A Reagan

It seems that according to Democrats, everyone who opposes Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or anyone else in the Democratic establishment is a Russian agent. So if you voted for President Trump you’re obviously one of Vladimir Putin’s sleeper cell agents, or you’re on Putin’s payroll, or maybe you just got fooled by Russian propaganda, i.e. anything liberals disagree with.

But in all seriousness, the charges of Russian influence are becoming almost comical with how quickly they’re pulled out. And it isn’t just conservatives who are being accused of being influenced by Russia, as Democrats are willing to play the Russia card to tar even those within their own party.

Witness the recent comments by Hillary Clinton, insulting Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard by calling her a “favorite of the Russians.” Clinton also called Democratic candidate Jill Stein “a Russian asset.”

What was Clinton’s reason for calling Gabbard a favorite of the Russians? Merely the fact that Gabbard doesn’t want to see US forces invading every country around the world. Just being less interventionist than the bloodthirsty Clinton is enough to warrant being accused of working with Russia.

Never mind the fact that Gabbard has actually served in the military and has seen the effects that non-stop war has had on her friends and colleagues. To hawks like Clinton, our servicemen are pawns to be expended whenever necessary in order to pursue the cause of empire. And anyone who questions the wisdom of sacrificing American lives and trillions of taxpayer dollars to fight endless wars with no defined goals or chance of “winning” gets hammered with insults.

The current climate of Russophobia is providing plenty of fodder for the establishment to paint its opponents as somehow being un-American, when in fact it’s the establishment and its support of big government, perpetual war, and an all-encompassing surveillance state that is really un-American. Let’s just hope that enough Americans haven’t bought into the mainstream’s Russian bogeyman narrative that they can see through these obvious lies and misrepresentations.

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