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Is General Milley Guilty of Insubordination?

by Anthony Buckley

The reputation of the US military took a major hit after the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan last year. And as the Biden administration continues to push woke policies and force out those who won’t receive the COVID vaccine, it’s becoming more and more apparent that conservatives, who have traditionally been over-represented within the military’s ranks, are no longer welcome in today’s military.

As with many organizations in decline, the rot starts at the top. We’ve known for years that military leaders are nothing more than politicians in a fancy uniform. Once you get your first star, concern for advancement and sucking up to those who can get you more stars becomes more important than doing what’s right. And in the case of the US military today, there’s nowhere that’s more apparent than in the case of Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Milley has been at the forefront of pushing woke ideology in the military today, and he has no problem with critical race theory and other Marxist nonsense being foisted upon our soldiers. Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising since he comes from Massachusetts and was schooled at Princeton, but it makes you wonder why Milley was nominated to be Chairman of the JCS in the first place, and why Trump didn’t sack him.

In fact, Milley had thought about resigning at one point but decided to stay and fight Trump from the inside. Some of the things he did included reaching out to his Chinese counterparts to state that he would warn them in advance if Trump decided to attack China. He also attempted to circumvent the chain of command to ensure that any decisions to launch nuclear weapons came through him, so that he could hamper Trump’s ability to control the nuclear arsenal.

This is typical of those who claim to be fighting “fascism” or “defending democracy.” They’re in fact the fascists and those frustrating the will of the people or of the people’s democratically elected officers, but they justify their actions by trying to claim the moral high ground.

How someone like Milley is still in a position of power is mind-boggling, as it’s clear that he has no qualms about defying the civilian leadership that is supposed to control the military. We’re just lucky that the US hasn’t been involved in an actual war recently, otherwise the consequences of that insubordination could have been catastrophic.

But this is yet one more indicator that the country is ruled not by elected officials but by the unelected officials who make up the Deep State. Their loyalty is to the bureaucracy, not to the country or its elected officials. And unless the Deep State is fully disbanded we’ll continue our descent into totalitarianism.

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