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Is the Chinese Coronavirus a Chinese Biological Warfare Project Gone Wrong?

by Richard A Reagan

Right now there’s still not much that’s known about the Chinese coronavirus that has begun to sweep the world. Even details on the number of cases is up for speculation, as the Chinese government claims only a few thousand people suffer from the disease, while information circulating on social media claims that tens of thousands have the disease.

The origins of the disease are also shrouded in mystery, with various reports claiming that it originated from a fish market in Wuhan, from people eating snakes, or from people eating bats. One of the most disturbing claims is that the virus originated from a Chinese government biological warfare program.

According to those allegations, Canadian scientists isolated a deadly form of coronavirus from a Saudi Arabian man several years ago and began to study it. It was then smuggled to China by Chinese agents working at the Canadian lab. From there it’s alleged that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab and began its infectious run. Is that true?

The source of those rumors has now been published on Zerohedge, so it’s gaining worldwide exposure. The article is short on external sources, referring mostly to its own previously published work to bolster its claims. But the claim isn’t an unbelievable one, as the idea that the Chinese government would try to weaponize a coronavirus isn’t implausible. And the idea that a weaponized virus might somehow escape to the wild, while normally confined to Hollywood movies and survivalist novels, was probably bound to happen at some point.

There are also some in the mainstream media beginning to question the official narrative, as the South China Morning Post has reported that the first cases of the coronavirus showed no link with the Wuhan fish market, and the Washington Times has reported that Wuhan hosts two laboratories affiliated with China’s biological warfare program. Regardless of the virus’ origins, it seems poised to spread. And while it may not be the deadliest disease in the world, it’s still something that no one wants to contract. Follow basic sanitation such as regular hand washing, be sure to keep your immune system strong through regular use of vitamins, get plenty of sleep, and use common sense when you’re out in public, and you should stay safe no matter how widely the virus spreads.

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