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Kanye West the Latest Victim of Last Gasp Cancel Culture

by Anthony Buckley

The left doesn’t value free speech or discussion because it knows that its positions would be obliterated in any free exchange of ideas. So that’s why you see the left going on an all out crusade to cancel anyone who disagrees with it. The latest example of that is Kanye West.

The irony is that West is being canceled for supposed anti-semitic statements, when anti-semitism has almost become the left’s stock in trade. Black supremacists, Louis Farrakhan, and leftist favorites like “The Squad” make anti-semitic statements or criticize Jews all the time but you never hear a peep of criticism about if from the left. So why is Kanye different?

Kanye may not be a conservative in the sense that most people think of it, but he has supported President Trump and his positions in the past. And that’s why the double standard is being applied to him. His support for Trump has made him a deplorable whom the left feels free to cancel.

The thing is, however, Kanye doesn’t care. So he loses a few sponsorships, so what? He’s worth millions still, if not billions. And most of the country sees this for what it is, a last gasp attempt by woke corporations to try to silence a voice who isn’t afraid to ask questions and who doesn’t want to go along with the left’s plans for people of his skin color.

The left had no problem with Kanye when he said that George Bush hated black people. But as soon as he started supporting Trump and his ideas, the long knives came out for him. Ultimately Kanye has too large a platform and too influential a voice to be silenced. And just like Trump, he doesn’t give a fig about what people think of him. He’s going to continue saying what he wants to, getting people’s goats if he has too, in order to wake them up out of their woke stupor.

Meanwhile, the left’s continued attempts to cancel people like Kanye are becoming increasingly impotent. No one really fears this cancel culture anymore, because everyone realizes that if you just stand strong, refuse to be bowed down, and remain as vocal as ever, there’s nothing they can really do to harm you. The left knows that it is losing the war of ideas and is grasping at straws to try to remain on top. But it will be to no avail, as the pendulum is now swinging the other way.

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