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Keeping Your Home Warm When You Live Off-Grid

by Robert Wayne

The lives of most people have changed pretty significantly in the era of COVID. One recent trend has been that of urbanites moving out to suburbs and rural areas. From Maine to Montana, residents of urban metropolises have finally had enough of the disease and crime facing them, and have begun to act on their urges to escape the rat race.

In rural areas, natives often look at these recent transplants with bemusement, wondering if they have what it takes to survive without the creature comforts of the big city. With winter quickly coming on in northern climes, this could be the season that winnows out the weak from the strong.

It’s likely that many new rural residents may also want to try their hand at off-grid living, inspired no doubt by the online lives of their favorite Instagram influencers. But living off-grid has its disadvantages, namely that you’re on your own for heat, energy, and water.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do to keep warm this winter. It’s important to remember that there are two principles to keep in mind when keeping warm. One is that you need to produce enough heat to keep yourself warm. The other is that you need to minimize your loss of heat. And depending on when and how your house was built, that could be tougher than you think.

At the Homestead Survival Site you can read more about how to keep yourself warm in wintertime off-grid. From useful tips to prevent heat loss to methods to heat your home, you’ll find everything you need. If this winter is your first time living off-grid, don’t let inexperience condemn you to a cold and miserable existence. Learn everything you need to now, so that when the depths of winter hit you’ll be more than prepared to keep yourself warm.

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